The Kingwood Asylum. Houston, TX Haunted House.

Date: 11-14-81From Dr. Phillip Blackman’s Personal Diary
November 14, 1981
I’m extremely frustrated with Bobby. No responses. No “life” in there, truly a disturbing case. Something has got to make him “feel” but I don’t know how far I can push him. He’s only nine or something, but he’s strong. I do think it’s quite humorous that the staff is afraid of this little boy. Even though he’s blind! To each his own. I think Dr. Blythe is planning some new techniques that should shake Bobby out of his silence. We’ll see. I don’t have much hope for any responses after last week’s failed attempts. It’s beginning to make Dr. Blythe angry. That’s humorous, too! It’s the on-hands experience that counts. His methods would never pass at Baylor… but I do admire his, shall we say… determination.P.B.

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The Kingwood Asylum is the scariest Haunted House in Texas.

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Psychopath – an offender who
is not going to change for
the better, at least not for long.

1963 Northpark Dr.
Kingwood, TX 77339



Houston’s Premier Haunted House

1963 Northpark Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339