The Kingwood Asylum. Houston, TX Haunted House.

Date: 11-14-81From Dr. Phillip Blackman’s Personal DiaryNovember 14, 1981I’m extremely frustrated with Bobby. No responses. No “life” in there, truly a disturbing case. Something has got to make him “feel” but I don’t know how far I can push him. He’s only nine or something, but he’s strong. I do think it’s quite humorous that the staff is afraid of this little boy. Even though he’s blind! To each his own. I think Dr. Blythe is planning some new techniques that should shake Bobby out of his silence. We’ll see. I don’t have much hope for any responses after last week’s failed attempts. It’s beginning to make Dr. Blythe angry. That’s humorous, too! It’s the on-hands experience that counts. His methods would never pass at Baylor… but I do admire his, shall we say… determination.P.B.

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The Kingwood Asylum is the scariest Haunted House in Texas.

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Psychopath – an offender who
is not going to change for
the better, at least not for long.

1965 Northpark Dr.
Kingwood, TX 77339

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Houston’s Premier Haunted House

1963 Northpark Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339